The genesis of these images was a reluctance to waste paint. At the time, I did not have a sealable palette box, so at the end of my weekly painting class, I would scrape off my little masonite palette and discard the unused paint. It seemed like such a waste, so I started transferring the paint to canvas boards, with nothing more particular in mind than making something that would be nice to look at. I used a separate board for each canvas I was working on at the time. Between July of '99 and January of '02, I created 34 of these boards. I discovered later that both orientation and scale were optional. "Three Women," for example, looks as interesting at 30" x 40" as it does at 2.5" x 3.5". Also, when it's rotated 90 degrees clockwise, it looks like a landscape. For further discoveries from these canvases, please look at the page titled "Hen and Chickens."


Paintings with Multiple Orientations